A new approach for describing amplified spontaneous emission in a KrF excimer laser using z-dependency of gain-coefficient

Research paper by A. Hariri, S. Sarikhani

Indexed on: 30 Nov '12Published on: 30 Nov '12Published in: Laser Physics


Based on our recent realization concerning the geometrically dependent gain coefficient in self-terminating gas lasers, where it is shown that in one-dimensional approach it is z-dependent, we applied the gain formulation to explain, both numerically and analytically, the behavior of the amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) output energy vs. excitation length of the active medium. As an example, we used experimental measurements reported for a KrF excimer laser. In the approach it was realized that it is needed to present a gain-profile slightly lower than the gain-profile deduced from different reports appeared in the literature, where it is also indicating that the contribution of the ASE on the laser output is significant and it is the active medium length dependent. The present analytical presentation of the ASE output energy behavior, also, introduces a generalized formulation compared to that appeared in the literature. With this approach it is possible to remove most of the present ambiguities existing on understanding of the ASE behavior.