A Multiferroic Ceramic with Perovskite Structure: La0.5Bi0.5Mn0.5Fe0.5O3.09

Research paper by Asish K. Kundu, R. Ranjith, V. Pralong, N. Nguyen, B. Kundys, V. Caignaert, W. Prellier, B. Raveau

Indexed on: 26 Jun '08Published on: 26 Jun '08Published in: Physics - Materials Science


ABO3 perovskite multiferroic La0.5Bi0.5Mn0.5Fe0.5O3.09 where the B-site cations is responsible for the magnetic properties and the A-site cation with lone pair electron is responsible for the ferroelectric properties was synthesized at normal conditions. This oxide exhibits a ferromagnetic transition around 240 K with a well defined hysteresis loop, and a significant reversible remnant polarization below 67K similar to ferroelectric behavior. The magnetic interaction is interpreted by the ferromagnetic Fe3+-O-Mn3+ and antiferromagnetic Fe3+(Mn3+)-O-Fe3+(Mn3+) interactions competed each other, whereas the ferroelectricity is predominantly due to the polar nature introduced by the 6s2 lone pair of Bi3+ cations