A Modified Robinson-Stokes equation for describing the thermodynamic properties of aqueous solutions of 1-1 electrolytes

Research paper by A. M. Rudakov, V. V. Sergievskii

Indexed on: 09 May '08Published on: 09 May '08Published in: Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A


Equations relating osmotic, mean ionic activity, and water activity coefficients to electrolyte concentrations in binary aqueous solutions were substantiated within the framework of cluster concepts. The model includes the contribution to solution nonideality of electrostatic interactions in terms of the Debye-Hückel theory along with hydration and association of salts via relations containing hydration and association numbers in the standard states. According to the description of data on 54 aqueous solutions of 1-1 electrolytes, this model should be given preference compared with the most extensively used NRTL, NRTL-NRF, Wilson, and Pitzer models.

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