A modeling strategy for integrated batch process development based on mixed-logic dynamic optimization

Research paper by Marta Moreno-Benito, Kathrin Frankl, Antonio Espuña, Wolfgang Marquardt

Indexed on: 08 Aug '16Published on: 06 Aug '16Published in: Computers & Chemical Engineering


This paper introduces an optimization-based approach for the simultaneous solution of batch process synthesis and plant allocation, with decisions like the selection of chemicals, process stages, task-unit assignments, operating modes, and optimal control profiles, among others. The modeling strategy is based on the representation of structural alternatives in a State-Equipment Network (SEN) and its formulation as a mixed-logic dynamic optimization (MLDO) problem. Particularly, the disjunctive multistage modeling strategy by Oldenburg and Marquardt (2008) is extended to combine and organize single-stage and multistage models for representing the sequence of continuous and batch units in each structural alternative and for synchronizing dynamic profiles in input and output operations with material transference. Two numerical examples illustrate the application of the proposed methodology, showing the enhancement of the adaptability potential of batch plants and the improvement of global process performance thanks to the quantification of interactions between process synthesis and plant allocation decisions.

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