A model for prediction of the effective thermal conductivity of granular materials with liquid binder

Research paper by Sang-il Park, James G. Hartley

Indexed on: 01 Sep '92Published on: 01 Sep '92Published in: Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology


A model is developed to predict the effective thermal conductivity of a three-component system containing sand particles bonded with liquid binders. The effective thermal conductivities of the bonded and unbonded sands are measured by the line-heat-source method at room temperature. The parameters of a two-component model are determined from the measurements for unbonded sands. Finally the model for the three-component systems such as bonded sand is developed using the assumption of the coalescence of the liquid binder at the particle contact points. Comparison between the experimental results and the model predictions shows that the model developed in this study predicts well the effective thermal conductivities of fluid-saturated sand or sand bonded with liquid binders. Also, this model can be used to determine the effects of the parameters such as the thermal conductivities and the volume fractions of components and the geometrical characteristics of solid particles on the effective thermal conductivity of granular materials with or without the liquid binder.