A mild oxidative aryl radical addition into alkenes by aerobic oxidation of arylhydrazines.

Research paper by Tsuyoshi T Taniguchi, Hisaaki H Zaimoku, Hiroyuki H Ishibashi

Indexed on: 09 Mar '11Published on: 09 Mar '11Published in: Chemistry - A European Journal


A mild and practical oxyarylation of alkenes by oxidative radical addition has been developed by using aerobic oxidation of hydrazine compounds. The use of a catalytic amount of potassium ferrocyanide trihydrate (K(4)[Fe(CN)(6)]⋅3H(2)O) and water accelerated this radical reaction to give peroxides or alcohols from simple alkenes in good yields. The environmentally friendly and economical radical reactions were achieved at room temperature in the presence of iron catalyst, oxygen gas, and water. A method involving aniline as a radical precursor is also described.