A microalgae residue based carbon solid acid catalyst for biodiesel production.

Research paper by Xiaobo X Fu, Dianhong D Li, Jie J Chen, Yuanming Y Zhang, Weiya W Huang, Yi Y Zhu, Jun J Yang, Chengwu C Zhang

Indexed on: 21 Aug '13Published on: 21 Aug '13Published in: Bioresource Technology


Biodiesel production from microalgae is recognized as one of the best solutions to deal with the energy crisis issues. However, after the oil extraction from the microalgae, the microalgae residue was generally discarded or burned. Here a novel carbon-based solid acid catalyst derived from microalgae residue by in situ hydrothermal partially carbonization were synthesized. The obtained catalyst was characterized and subjected to both the esterification of oleic acid and transesterification of triglyceride to produce biodiesel. The catalyst showed high catalytic activity and can be regenerated while its activity can be well maintained after five cycles.