A method to measure sound transmission via the malleus–incus complex ☆

Research paper by Ivo Dobrev, Sebastian Ihrle, Christof Röösli, Rahel Gerig, Albrecht Eiber, Alexander M. Huber, Jae Hoon Sim

Indexed on: 14 Mar '16Published on: 02 Dec '15Published in: Hearing Research


The malleus–incus complex (MIC) plays a crucial role in the hearing process as it transforms and transmits acoustically-induced motion of the tympanic membrane, through the stapes, into the inner-ear. However, the transfer function of the MIC under physiologically-relevant acoustic stimulation is still under debate, especially due to insufficient quantitative data of the vibrational behavior of the MIC. This study focuses on the investigation of the sound transformation through the MIC, based on measurements of three-dimensional motions of the malleus and incus with a full six degrees of freedom (6 DOF).

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