A large-area wireless power-transmission sheet using printed organic transistors and plastic MEMS switches.

Research paper by Tsuyoshi T Sekitani, Makoto M Takamiya, Yoshiaki Y Noguchi, Shintaro S Nakano, Yusaku Y Kato, Takayasu T Sakurai, Takao T Someya

Indexed on: 01 May '07Published on: 01 May '07Published in: Nature materials


The electronics fields face serious problems associated with electric power; these include the development of ecologically friendly power-generation systems and ultralow-power-consuming circuits. Moreover, there is a demand for developing new power-transmission methods in the imminent era of ambient electronics, in which a multitude of electronic devices such as sensor networks will be used in our daily life to enhance security, safety and convenience. We constructed a sheet-type wireless power-transmission system by using state-of-the-art printing technologies using advanced electronic functional inks. This became possible owing to recent progress in organic semiconductor technologies; the diversity of chemical syntheses and processes on organic materials has led to a new class of organic semiconductors, dielectric layers and metals with excellent electronic functionalities. The new system directly drives electronic devices by transmitting power of the order of tens of watts without connectors, thereby providing an easy-to-use and reliable power source. As all of the components are manufactured on plastic films, it is easy to place the wireless power-transmission sheet over desks, floors, walls and any other location imaginable.