A Hybrid Method of Domain Lexicon Construction for Opinion Targets Extraction Using Syntax and Semantics

Research paper by Chun Liao, Chong Feng, Sen Yang, He-Yan Huang

Indexed on: 12 May '16Published on: 06 May '16Published in: Journal of Computer Science and Technology


Opinion targets extraction of Chinese microblogs plays an important role in opinion mining. There has been a significant progress in this area recently, especially the method based on conditional random field (CRF). However, this method only takes lexicon-related features into consideration and does not excavate the implied syntactic and semantic knowledge. We propose a novel approach which incorporates domain lexicon with groups of syntactical and semantic features. The approach acquires domain lexicon through a novel way which explores syntactic and semantic information through Partof-Speech, dependency structure, phrase structure, semantic role and semantic similarity based on word embedding. And then we combine the domain lexicon with opinion targets extracted from CRF with groups of features for opinion targets extraction. Experimental results on COAE2014 dataset show the outperformance of the approach compared with other well-known methods on the task of opinion targets extraction.