A host-parasitoid system with predation-driven component Allee effects in host population.

Research paper by Yun Y Kang, Sourav Kumar SK Sasmal, Amiya Ranjan AR Bhowmick, Joydev J Chattopadhyay

Indexed on: 24 Oct '14Published on: 24 Oct '14Published in: Journal of biological dynamics


Allee effects and parasitism are common biological phenomena observed in nature, which are believed to have significant impacts in ecological conservation programmes. In this article, we investigate population dynamics of a discrete-time host-parasitoid system with component Allee effects induced by predation satiation in host to study the synergy effects of Allee effects and parasitism. Our model assumes that parasitism attacks the host after the density dependence of the host. The interactions of component Allee effects and parasitism can lead to extremely rich dynamics that include but are not limited to extinction of both species due to Allee effects at their low population density, multiple attractors, strange interior attractors and even crisis of strange attractor due to high parasitism. We perform local and global analysis to study the number of equilibria and their stability; and study the extinction and permanence of our host-parasitoid system. One of the most interesting results shows that the combination of strong Allee effects and parasitism may promote the coexistence of both host and parasite at their high population density. In addition, component Allee effects may destroy interior equilibrium under different values of parameters' ranges.