A gradient flow formulation of the Lohe matrix model with a high-order polynomial coupling

Research paper by Seung-Yeal Ha, Hansol Park

Indexed on: 14 Apr '20Published on: 11 Apr '20Published in: arXiv - Mathematical Physics


We present a generalized Lohe matrix model for a homogeneous ensemble with higher order couplings via the gradient flow approach. For the homogeneous free flow with the same hamiltonian, it is well known that the Lohe matrix model with cubic couplings can recast as a gradient system with a potential which is a squared Frobenius norm of of averaged state. In this paper, we further derive a generalized Lohe matrix model with higher-order couplings via gradient flow approach for a polynomial potential. For the proposed model, we also provide a sufficient framework in terms of coupling strengths and initial data, which leads to the emergent dynamics of the homogeneous ensemble.