A framework for understanding and advancing intertemporal choice research using rodent models.

Research paper by Wambura C WC Fobbs, Sheri J Y SJ Mizumori

Indexed on: 10 Jan '17Published on: 10 Jan '17Published in: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory


Intertemporal choices are common and consequential to private and public life. Thus, there is considerable interest in understanding the neural basis of intertemporal decision making. In this minireview, we briefly describe conceptual and psychological perspectives on intertemporal choice and then provide a comprehensive evaluation of the neural structures and signals that comprise the underlying cortico-limbic-striatal circuit. Even though great advances have been made, our understanding of the neurobiology of intertemporal choice is still in its infancy because of the complex and dynamic nature of this form of decision making. We close by briefly discussing recommendations for the future study of intertemporal choice research.