A fern spore storage protein is genetically similar to the 1.7 S seed storage protein ofBrassica napus

Research paper by Thomas S. Templeman, Diana B. Stein, Augustus E. DeMaggio

Indexed on: 01 Oct '88Published on: 01 Oct '88Published in: Biochemical Genetics


The ostrich fern,Matteuccia struthiopteris L., contains two globulin spore storage proteins of 2.2 S and 11.3 S, with physical characteristics similar to those of seed storage proteins ofBrassica napus (rapeseed) andRaphanus sativus (radish). By the use of a cloned cDNA that encodes the 1.7 SB. napus storage protein (napin), gene sequences that hybridized with napin were detected in fern nuclear DNA, and a 900-nucleotide homologous mRNA was detected in developing spores.In vitro translation of this fern mRNA produced a 22-kD polypeptide comparable in size to the 21-kD precursor polypeptide identified inBrassica. No hybridizations were observed between theBrassica 12 S clone and either fern DNA or developing spore mRNA.