A fast search method of steered response power with small-aperture microphone array for sound source localization

Research paper by Xiaoyan Zhao, Jie Tang, Lin Zhou, Zhenyang Wu

Indexed on: 06 Sep '13Published on: 06 Sep '13Published in: Journal of Electronics (China)


The Steered Response Power (SRP) method works well for sound source localization in noisy and reverberant environment. However, the large computation complexity limits its practical application. In this paper, a fast SRP search method is proposed to reduce the computational complexity using small-aperture microphone array. The proposed method inspired by the SRP spatial spectrum includes two steps: first, the proposed method estimates the azimuth of the sound source roughly and determines whether the sound source is in far field or near field; then, different fine searching operations are performed according to the sound source being in far field or near field. Experiments both in simulation environments and real environments have been performed to compare the localization accuracy and computation complexity of the proposed method with those of the conventional SRP-PHAT algorithm. The results show that, the proposed method has a comparative accuracy with the conventional SRP algorithm, and achieves a reduction of 93.62% in computation complexity compared to the conventional SRP algorithm.