A fast network partition method for large-scale urban traffic networks

Research paper by Zhao Zhou, Shu Lin, Yugeng Xi

Indexed on: 04 Jul '13Published on: 04 Jul '13Published in: Journal of Control Theory and Applications


In order to control the large-scale urban traffic network through hierarchical or decentralized methods, it is necessary to exploit a network partition method, which should be both effective in extracting subnetworks and fast to compute. In this paper, a new approach to calculate the correlation degree, which determines the desire for interconnection between two adjacent intersections, is first proposed. It is used as a weight of a link in an urban traffic network, which considers both the physical characteristics and the dynamic traffic information of the link. Then, a fast network division approach by optimizing the modularity, which is a criterion to distinguish the quality of the partition results, is applied to identify the subnetworks for large-scale urban traffic networks. Finally, an application to a specified urban traffic network is investigated using the proposed algorithm. The results show that it is an effective and efficient method for partitioning urban traffic networks automatically in real world.