A fast multipole boundary element method for 2D multi-domain elastostatic problems based on a dual BIE formulation

Research paper by Y. J. Liu

Indexed on: 26 Mar '08Published on: 26 Mar '08Published in: Computational Mechanics


A new fast multipole formulation for the hypersingular BIE (HBIE) for 2D elasticity is presented in this paper based on a complex-variable representation of the kernels, similar to the formulation developed earlier for the conventional BIE (CBIE). A dual BIE formulation using a linear combination of the developed CBIE and HBIE is applied to analyze multi-domain problems with thin inclusions or open cracks. Two pre-conditioners for the fast multipole boundary element method (BEM) are devised and their effectiveness and efficiencies in solving large-scale problems are discussed. Several numerical examples are presented to study the accuracy and efficiency of the developed fast multipole BEM using the dual BIE formulation. The numerical results clearly demonstrate the potentials of the fast multipole BEM for solving large-scale 2D multi-domain elasticity problems. The method can be applied to study composite materials, functionally-graded materials, and micro-electro-mechanical-systems with coupled fields, all of which often involve thin shapes or thin inclusions.