A fast-moving copper-based molecular shuttle: synthesis and dynamic properties.

Imported: 07 May '16 | Published: 24 Feb '09

Fabien F Durola, Jacques J Lux, Jean-Pierre JP Sauvage

Chemistry - A European Journal

Abstract: Fast-track changes: The synthesis of a new copper-based molecular shuttle is described, with a coordinating macrocycle based on a nonhindering but endocyclic ligand (see scheme), which makes the ligand exchange easier, and thus the motions of the ring along the thread faster.The present report deals with the synthesis of a two-station [2]rotaxane consisting of a dpbiiq-incorporating macrocycle (dpbiiq: 8,8'-diphenyl-3,3'-biisoquinoline) threaded by a coordinating fragment whose complexing units are a dpp and a terpy ligand (dpp: 2,9-diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline; terpy: 2,2',6',2"-terpyridine). The [2]rotaxane was prepared in 11 steps from commercially available or easy-to-make molecules, without taking into account the preparation of the dpbiiq-containing 39-membered ring, which was available in our group. The ring-incorporated bidentate chelate is at the same time endocyclic and sterically nonhindering, which is a specific property of the dpbiiq-coordinating unit. This unique feature has a profound influence on the rate of the ring-and-copper translation motion between the two stations of the axle. Based on an analogous multistep strategy, a related molecular shuttle has also been prepared that contains... Read More

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