A Facile and Efficient Synthesis of Novel 1,2,4-Triazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-9-one Derivatives

Research paper by Nasser R. El-Brollosy, Mohamed F. Abdel-Megeed, Afaf R. Genady

Indexed on: 01 Sep '01Published on: 01 Sep '01Published in: Monatshefte für Chemie - Chemical Monthly


 A facile and efficient synthesis of a series of novel 1,2,4-triazolo[5,1-b]quinazolines is described. 2,3-Diaryl-2,3-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-9-ones were obtained by reaction of 3-amino-2-arylamino-3H-quinazolin-4-ones with aromatic aldehydes as well as by ring closure of the corresponding anils. Treatment of 3-amino-2-arylamino-3H-quinazolin-4-ones with aromatic carboxylic acids afforded 2,3-diaryl-3H-1,2,4-triazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-9-ones which could also be synthesized by dehydrogenation of the corresponding dihydro derivatives. Reaction of 3-amino-2-arylamino-3H-quinazolin-4-ones with diethyl malonate and acetylacetone gave 3-aryl-3,9-dihydro-9-oxo-1,2,4-triazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-2-yl-acetic acid ethyl ester and 3-aryl-2-methyl-3H-1,2,4-triazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-9-ones, respectively. The latter compounds were also prepared via reaction with acetic anhydride, whereas acetylation with acetic anhydride in the presence of pyridine afforded the acetyl derivatives.