A Dual-Band-Notched Antenna for UWB Communication Systems Using Two Different Shaped Slots

Research paper by A. Chaabane, F. Djahli, S. Redadaa

Indexed on: 03 Jun '14Published on: 03 Jun '14Published in: Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering


A compact planar ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antenna with controllable dual-band-notched characteristics is presented in this paper. U-shaped inverted slot and vertical up C-shaped slot are embedded in the feed line and in the radiating patch, for rejecting WiMAX and WLAN frequency bands, respectively. Moreover, the bandwidth of each rejected band can be independently shifted by adjusting the dimensions of the corresponding band-notched structure. The proposed antenna with two rejected bands characteristics is successfully simulated, prototyped, and measured. The measured results show that the proposed antenna operates until upper 10.6 GHz for voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) less than 2 and exhibits bands rejection of 3.20–4.1 GHz (24.66%) and 5.20–5.96 GHz (13.62%) frequency band. Furthermore, the proposed antenna shows good radiation characteristics, stable peak gain, and provides more than 80% radiation efficiency, on the entire UWB frequency range except in the notched frequency bands, which prospects the employment in the UWB communication systems.