A double-layer hydrogel based on alginate-carboxymethyl cellulose and synthetic polymer as sustained drug delivery system.

Research paper by Yan Y Hu, Sheng S Hu, Shangwen S Zhang, Siyi S Dong, Jie J Hu, Li L Kang, Xinzhou X Yang

Indexed on: 30 Apr '21Published on: 30 Apr '21Published in: Scientific Reports


A new double-layer, pH-sensitive, composite hydrogel sustained-release system based on polysaccharides and synthetic polymers with combined functions of different inner/outer hydrogels was prepared. The polysaccharides inner core based on sodium alginate (SA) and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), was formed by physical crosslinking with pH-sensitive property. The synthetic polymer out-layer with enhanced stability was introduced by chemical crosslinking to eliminate the expansion of inner core and the diffusion of inner content. The physicochemical structure of the double-layer hydrogels was characterized. The drug-release results demonstrated that the sustained-release effect of the hydrogels for different model drugs could be regulated by changing the composition or thickness of the hydrogel layer. The significant sustained-release effect for BSA and indomethacin indicated that the bilayer hydrogel can be developed into a novel sustained delivery system for bioactive substance or drugs with potential applications in drugs and functional foods.