A distributed approach to alarm management in chronic kidney disease.

Research paper by Miguel A MA Estudillo-Valderrama, Alejandro A Talaminos-Barroso, Laura M LM Roa, David D Naranjo-Hernández, Javier J Reina-Tosina, Nuria N Aresté-Fosalba, José A JA Milán-Martín

Indexed on: 12 Jul '14Published on: 12 Jul '14Published in: IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics


This paper presents the feasibility study of using a distributed approach for the management of alarms from chronic kidney disease patients. In a first place, the key issues regarding alarm definition, classification, and prioritization according to available normalization efforts are analyzed for the main scenarios addressed in hemodialysis. Then, the middleware proposed for alarm management is described, which follows the publish/subscribe pattern, and supports the Object Management Group data distribution service (DDS) standard. This standard facilitates the real-time monitoring of the exchanged information, as well as the scalability and interoperability of the solution developed regarding the different stakeholders and resources involved. Finally, the results section shows, through the proof of concept studied, the viability of DDS for the activation of emergency protocols in terms of alarm prioritization and personalization, as well as some remarks about security, privacy, and real-time communication performance.