A discrete in continuous mathematical model of cardiac progenitor cells formation and growth as spheroid clusters (Cardiospheres).

Research paper by Ezio E Di Costanzo, Alessandro A Giacomello, Elisa E Messina, Roberto R Natalini, Giuseppe G Pontrelli, Fabrizio F Rossi, Robert R Smits, Monika M Twarogowska

Indexed on: 25 Jan '17Published on: 25 Jan '17Published in: Mathematical medicine and biology : a journal of the IMA


We propose a discrete in continuous mathematical model describing the in vitro growth process of biophsy-derived mammalian cardiac progenitor cells growing as clusters in the form of spheres (Cardiospheres). The approach is hybrid: discrete at cellular scale and continuous at molecular level. In the present model, cells are subject to the self-organizing collective dynamics mechanism and, additionally, they can proliferate and differentiate, also depending on stochastic processes The two latter processes are triggered and regulated by chemical signals present in the environment. Numerical simulations show the structure and the development of the clustered progenitors and are in a good agreement with the results obtained from in vitro experiments.