A Daily Diary Analysis of Condom Breakage and Slippage During Vaginal Sex or Anal Sex Among Adolescent Women.

Research paper by Devon J DJ Hensel, Sarah S Selby, Amanda E AE Tanner, J Dennis JD Fortenberry

Indexed on: 12 Aug '16Published on: 12 Aug '16Published in: Sexually transmitted diseases


Adolescent women are disproportionately impacted by the adverse outcomes associated with sexual activity, including sexually transmitted infections (STI). Condoms as a means of prevention relies on use that is free of usage failure, including breakage and/or slippage. This study examined the daily prevalence of and predictors of condom breakage and/or slippage during vaginal sex and during anal sex among adolescent women.Adolescent women (N = 387; 14 to 17 years) were recruited from primary care clinics for a longitudinal cohort study of STIs and sexual behavior. Data were daily partner-specific sexual diaries. Random intercept mixed-effects logistic regression was used to estimate the fixed effect of each predictor on condom breakage/slippage during vaginal or during anal sex (Stata, 13.0), adjusting model coefficients for the correlation between repeated within-participant diary entries.Condom slippage and/or breakage varied across sexual behaviors and was associated with individual-specific (eg, age and sexual interest) and partner-specific factors (eg, negativity). Recent behavioral factors (eg, experiencing slippage and/or breakage in the past week) were the strongest predictors of current condom slippage and/or breakage during vaginal or anal sex.Factors associated with young women's condom breakage/slippage during vaginal or during anal sex should be integrated as part of STI prevention efforts and should be assessed as part of ongoing routine clinical care.