A copyright protection using watermarking scheme based on nonlinear permutation and its quality metrics

Research paper by Majid Khan, Tariq Shah

Indexed on: 01 Nov '14Published on: 01 Nov '14Published in: Neural computing & applications


The advancement of the Internet stretched as frequently as it can in the openness of modernized data, for instance, image, audio and video for public usage. Digital watermarking is a building that delivers surety and support to data check, security and copyright protection of cutting-edge media. This paper combines the purpose of investment study watermarking definition, thought and the guideline responsibilities in this field, for instance, orders of watermarking process that advice which watermarking procedure should be used. It starts with defining some basics and proposing scheme which is based on nonlinear permutation, least significant bits, chaotic logistic and Gauss maps. Finally, distance metrics for proposed scheme discussed to assure the watermark in test image.