A conservative approach to rebasing an implant-retained fixed complete denture.

Research paper by Tarek T El-Kerdani, Arthur A Nimmo

Indexed on: 12 Apr '14Published on: 12 Apr '14Published in: Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry


After years of service, the acrylic resin base of an implant-retained fixed complete dental prosthesis may need to be replaced because of the wear of the acrylic resin teeth. The most common methods used by dental laboratories to remove the acrylic resin from the metal framework are either burning with a flame or grinding. Both of these methods risk exposing the dental laboratory technician to hazardous by-products and damaging or contaminating the metal framework or the gold cylinders. This article presents a safe approach to removing acrylic resin while preserving the integrity of the framework. The technique involves heating the prosthesis to beyond the glass transitional temperature of the acrylic resin to allow the resin to be safely peeled off the framework.