A compactification of the moduli space of principal Higgs bundles over singular curves

Research paper by Alessio Lo Giudice, Andrea Pustetto

Indexed on: 18 Jun '12Published on: 18 Jun '12Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Geometry


A principal Higgs bundle $(P,\phi)$ over a singular curve $X$ is a pair consisting of a principal bundle $P$ and a morphism $\phi:X\to\text{Ad}P \otimes \Omega^1_X$. We construct the moduli space of principal Higgs G-bundles over an irreducible singular curve $X$ using the theory of decorated vector bundles. More precisely, given a faithful representation $\rho:G\to Sl(V)$ of $G$, we consider principal Higgs bundles as triples $(E,q,\phi)$ where $E$ is a vector bundle with $\rk{E}=\dim V$ over the normalization $\xtilde$ of $X$, $q$ is a parabolic structure on $E$ and $\phi:E\ab{}\to L$ is a morphism of bundles, being $L$ a line bundle and $E\ab{}\doteqdot (E^{\otimes a})^{\oplus b}$ a vector bundle depending on the Higgs field $\phi$ and on the principal bundle structure. Moreover we show that this moduli space for suitable integers $a,b$ is related to the space of framed modules.