A compact streak camera for 150 fs time resolved measurement of bright pulses in ultrafast electron diffraction.

Research paper by G H GH Kassier, K K Haupt, N N Erasmus, E G EG Rohwer, H M HM von Bergmann, H H Schwoerer, S M M SM Coelho, F D FD Auret

Indexed on: 03 Nov '10Published on: 03 Nov '10Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


We have developed a compact streak camera suitable for measuring the duration of highly charged subrelativistic femtosecond electron bunches with an energy bandwidth in the order of 0.1%, as frequently used in ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) experiments for the investigation of ultrafast structural dynamics. The device operates in accumulation mode with 50 fs shot-to-shot timing jitter, and at a 30 keV electron energy, the full width at half maximum temporal resolution is 150 fs. Measured durations of pulses from our UED gun agree well with the predictions from the detailed charged particle trajectory simulations.