A Comment on "Memory Effects in an Interacting Magnetic Nanoparticle System"

Research paper by R. K. Zheng, X. X. Zhang

Indexed on: 15 Mar '04Published on: 15 Mar '04Published in: Physics - Other


Recently, Sun et al reported that striking memory effects had been clearly observed in their new experiments on an interacting nanoparticle system [1]. They claimed that the phenomena evidenced the existence of a spin-glass-like phase and supported the hierarchical model. No doubt that a particle system may display spin-glass-like behaviors [2]. However, in our opinion, the experiments in Ref. [1] cannot evidence the existence of spin-glass-like phase at all. We will demonstrate below that all the phenomena in Ref. [1] can be observed in a non-interacting particle system with a size distribution. Numerical simulations of our experiments also display the same features.