A combined process for double-twisting and heat-treating textile grade polyester yarn

Research paper by B. V. Kuz'min, B. V. Savinov, L. S. Gerasimova, Yu. A. Tolkachev, É. M. Aizenshtein, K. N. Ushakova

Indexed on: 01 Nov '85Published on: 01 Nov '85Published in: Fibre Chemistry


The use of a technological scheme which combines the processes of twisting and yarn heat-treatment makes it possible to intensify the process of textile grade polyester yarn manufacture as a result of shortening the series of textile-technology steps.The scheme permits one not only to set the twist well, but also to regulate the basic physicomechanical properties of the yarns over a wide range.By using the proposed technological scheme, depending on the assigned degree of deformation, one can obtained twisted yarns with a shrinkage of 1–2% at an initial elastic modulus up to 20 MPa.