A classification of Taylor towers of functors of spaces and spectra

Research paper by Gregory Arone, Michael Ching

Indexed on: 07 Nov '14Published on: 07 Nov '14Published in: Mathematics - Algebraic Topology


We describe new structure on the Goodwillie derivatives of a functor, and we show how the full Taylor tower of the functor can be recovered from this structure. This new structure takes the form of a coalgebra over a certain comonad which we construct, and whose precise nature depends on the source and target categories of the functor in question. The Taylor tower can be recovered from standard cosimplicial cobar constructions on the coalgebra formed by the derivatives. We get from this an equivalence between the homotopy category of polynomial functors and that of bounded coalgebras over this comonad. For functors with values in the category of spectra, we give a rather explicit description of the associated comonads and their coalgebras. In particular, for functors from based spaces to spectra we interpret this new structure as that of a divided power right module over the operad formed by the derivatives of the identity on based spaces.