A chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier using area-efficient self-trimming technique

Research paper by Ippei Akita, Makoto Ishida

Indexed on: 06 Aug '14Published on: 06 Aug '14Published in: Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing


An area-efficient self-trimming technique for precision chopper-stabilized instrumentation amplifier (IA) is presented. The amplifier uses a reconfigurable differential pair for the input stage and it is automatically configured to reduce the mismatch of the differential pair, suppressing the chopper ripple. To confirm the effectiveness of the proposed scheme, an IA with the complete calibration logic is fabricated in a standard 180-nm CMOS and achieves \(0.06 {-}\hbox{mm}^2\) active area, less than \(3.5 {-}\upmu \hbox{V}\) offset voltage, \(13.5 {-}\hbox{nV}/\surd \hbox {Hz}\) input-referred noise, and \(194 {-} \upmu \hbox {A}\) current consumption. The noise efficiency factor of the amplifier is 7.2.