A categorical approach to quantum Bayes' rule

Research paper by Hitoshi Motoyama, Kohei Tanaka

Indexed on: 18 Dec '14Published on: 18 Dec '14Published in: Mathematics - Operator Algebras


We introduce a concept of conditional measures in quantum measure spaces from a view point of Gelfand duality between classical measure spaces and quantum measure spaces. Classical conditional measure spaces are based on subspaces of a space, hence we define quantum conditional measure spaces based on the dual notion, ideals and quotients of an algebra. Although the classical Bayes rule indicates the ratio of conditional measure (probability) and original one, the quantum Bayes rule describes the difference between them in quantum measure spaces. We also give categorical structures on classical and quantum measure spaces based on Bayes' rule, respectively. These extend the Riesz-Markov-Kakutani representation theorem to an equivalence of categories between the category of classical measure spaces and the category of commutative $C^{\ast}$-measure spaces.