A case of sinus arrest and post-hiccup cough syncope in medullary infarction.

Research paper by Takanori T Takazawa, Ken K Ikeda, Osamu O Kano, Takayuki T Kabuki, Kiyokazu K Kawabe, Yasuo Y Iwasaki

Indexed on: 11 May '13Published on: 11 May '13Published in: Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases


We describe asymptomatic sinus arrest and post-hiccup cough syncope in a patient with medullary infarction. A 78-year-old woman developed arrhythmia, hiccup, and cough syncope attacks. Neurological examination was not remarkable. Cough syncope occurs after hiccup attacks. Bradycardia and decreased blood pressure were also present after the beginning cough. Holter 24-hour electrocardiography monitor exhibited 65 episodes of asymptomatic sinus arrest more than 3 seconds. Magnetic resonance imaging disclosed acute infarction in the bilateral medial regions and the right tegmentum of the upper and middle medulla oblongata. Cerebral angiography showed severe atherosclerotic changes in the vertebral arteries. These clinicoradiological findings suggested that a distinct topography of medullary lesions could cause a series of cardiovascular and respiratory dysfunction. Thus, physicians should pay more attention to the medullary lesion in patients with arrhythmia and syncope.