A case of immunoglobulin G4-related sclerosing mesenteritis without other organ involvement.

Research paper by Masaya M Kozono, Shiroh S Tanoue, Kanna K Kiyama, Kenichi K Jikuya, Machiko M Kawahira, Makoto M Hinokuchi, Hiromichi H Iwaya, Shiho S Arima, Shinichi S Hashimoto, Kiyokazu K Hiwatashi, Yoshio Y Fukuda, Masahiko M Sakoda, Michiyo M Higashi, Koichi K Tokushige, Akio A Ido

Indexed on: 09 Jun '21Published on: 08 Jun '21Published in: Clinical Journal of Gastroenterology


A 64-year-old man presented to our hospital with abdominal pain and 4-5 episodes of watery diarrhea per day for 2 months. Abdominal ultrasound examination revealed a mass in the peritoneal cavity, and computed tomography showed a 13.4 cm mass in the mesentery and a 3 cm mass in the mesocolon. The patient underwent laparoscopic partial resection for diagnosis. Microscopically, abundant fibrosis and numerous immunoglobulin (Ig) G4-positive plasma cells were observed. The serum level of IgG4 was 665 mg/dl postoperatively. These findings suggested that the lesion was consistent with IgG4-related sclerosing mesenteritis. Oral steroids resulted in rapid disappearance of symptoms and a decrease in masses. Recently, sclerosing mesenteritis are reported as IgG4-related disease or mimicking IgG4-related disease but multiple lesions rarely occur in the same organ. We report a case of IgG4-related sclerosing mesenteritis with multiple lesions without involvement of other organs, such as the pancreas and salivary glands.