A 9 keV electron-impact liquid-gallium-jet x-ray source.

Research paper by M M Otendal, T T Tuohimaa, U U Vogt, H M HM Hertz

Indexed on: 06 Feb '08Published on: 06 Feb '08Published in: The Review of scientific instruments


We demonstrate a high-brightness compact 9 keV electron-impact microfocus x-ray source based on a liquid-gallium-jet anode. A approximately 30 W, 50 kV electron gun is focused onto the approximately 20 ms, 30 mum diameter liquid-gallium-jet anode to produce an approximately 10 microm full width at half maximum x-ray spot. The peak spectral brightness is >2 x 10(10) photons(s mm(2) mrad(2)x0.1% BW). Calculation and experiments show potential for increasing this brightness by approximately three orders of magnitude, making the source suitable for laboratory-scale x-ray crystallography and hard x-ray microscopy.