2-Arylacetic anhydrides as ammonium enolate precursors.

Research paper by Louis C LC Morrill, Lyndsay A LA Ledingham, Jean-Philippe JP Couturier, Jasmine J Bickel, Andrew D AD Harper, Charlene C Fallan, Andrew D AD Smith

Indexed on: 03 Dec '13Published on: 03 Dec '13Published in: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry


Readily prepared 2-arylacetic anhydrides act as convenient ammonium enolate precursors in isothiourea (HBTM-2.1)-mediated catalytic asymmetric intermolecular Michael addition-lactonisation processes, giving diverse synthetic building blocks in good yield with high diastereo- and enantiocontrol (up to 98 : 2 dr and >99% ee).