4th May 2020

Will the 2019-nCoV virus disappear in warm weather?

4th May 2020

Curated by Endre Szvetnik

The novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 is unlikely to disappear with warm weather.

French researchers have just done an experiment and found that only temperatures higher than on an extremely hot summer day could kill the 2019-nCoV virus. Researchers at Aix-Marseille University “cooked” the virus for different periods of times and at different temperatures. They found that either 1 hour at 60 ℃ or 15 minutes at 92 ℃ was the best method to inactivate the virus.

Does this mean we have to expect the same levels of infections in the summer?
Scientists can’t give a definite answer. Although earlier varieties of coronaviruses proved to be seasonal, currently we have a highly susceptible population that has not developed the necessary immunity yet. Chinese scientists, on the other hand, have developed a model suggesting that higher temperatures AND high humidity can slow the transmission of the virus.

Here is the current state of science on a Sparrho pinboard. NB: The pinboard contains research papers that have not been peer-reviewed yet, meaning that they have not gone through the standard scientific validation process yet.

Curated by

Endre Szvetnik

Endre Szvetnik is Senior Editor at Sparrho. Endre works with Sparrho Heroes to curate, translate and disseminate scientific research to the wider public.

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