24th Oct 2019

Science-based content helps build trust for brands

24th Oct 2019

Curated by Endre Szvetnik

In the era of clickbait and pseudoscience, content based on verified scientific research has become a vitally important tool for building trust in brands. Sparrho’s science-based summarised content aids businesses in separating facts from fiction and energise their marketing.

Evidence-based content based on verified science can help brands overcome the trust deficit

In 10 seconds? Consumers are savvier than ever and if a product is not upheld by science, they can quickly turn away. Evidence-based content showcasing the solid scientific foundations of products and services, on the other hand, can help win them over. (More on evidence-based marketing)

What is this evidence-based content? It is a hybrid approach using scientific research papers, expert insights and jargon-free summaries to highlight the scientific fundamentals of products and services. The resulting credibility-boost is ever more invaluable if we consider the global trust-deficit. According to the Edelman 2019 Trust barometer, 49% of the mass population doesn't trust organisations. Alarmingly, there is a 16 point gap between the informed public and mass population when it comes to trusting institutions. Objective, easy-to-digest and verified information can, therefore, help brands rebuild trust. (Read the EBM Manifesto about the need to better communicate research)

But how does it help my company? By energising your content marketing and strengthening your connection with your customers. A diverse set of businesses have already used Sparrho’s summarised science to conduct successful campaigns. Pharma, fitness, lifestyle and women’s health businesses leveraged our content to highlight the science underpinning their product and reinforce their customers' trust. They also benefited from Sparrho’s technological solution offering control over how to embed content into their platform and marketing channels - think 4x engagement by the users, 3x more CTR in ad campaigns or 50% improvement in high quality lead generation.

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How does it work? Sparrho’s algorithm pulls in information from thousands of scientific journals and organises it into an easily searchable database. Its users – active researchers – aided by Sparrho’s machine learning-powered recommendation engine group the most relevant papers into curated collections called ‘Pinboards’. Working with the marketing and editorial team, they summarise the pinned articles for the benefit of clients. (See an example pinboard)

Why should I trust this content? Expert researchers, directly involved in creating the content are the guarantee of the verified science while Sparrho’s editorial team ensures that the research is presented in an accessible and easy-to-understand format that can underpin your marketing. (Check out a top contributor’s profile)

How do they create it? Using the unique search and recommendation functions of the platform researchers identify the most relevant research articles and filter out the rest. They ‘pin’ these papers into expert collections or pinboards. In co-operation with Sparrho’s editorial team they then craft easy-to-read summarised science Digests, explaining developments in the field and linking to the supporting evidence. (See an example Digest)

Created by Sparrho

Curated by

Endre Szvetnik

Endre Szvetnik is Senior Editor at Sparrho. Endre works with Sparrho Heroes to curate, translate and disseminate scientific research to the wider public.

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