25th Mar 2020

Combatting misinformation and fake news through science

25th Mar 2020

Curated by Dr Vivian Chan

Sparrho are combatting misinformation and fake news by helping businesses build trust with their consumers using credible and understandable science. Our new disruptive platform for Factual Media combines Artificial Intelligence and a network of human scientists to provide trusted access.

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In 10 seconds? Sparrho, a Factual Media startup, are combatting misinformation and fake news by helping businesses build trust with their consumers using credible and understandable science. We generate revenue from companies who value access to Factual Media to make essential decisions or to reach target consumers. 

Why does it matter? Misinformation, misinterpretation and manipulation of scientific information is rife in the digital world and making it more and more difficult to know what to trust. As the coronavirus outbreak has shown, consumers need factual content they can trust more than ever to understand their health and the technology that is shaping their world. For businesses, accessing and distributing understandable and scientifically accurate content in an engaging manner remains expensive and time-consuming affair to get right.

That makes sense. But what exactly do clients get? We have two solutions for research and marketing teams - 1) subscription based access to our Factual Media platform and 2) an enterprise solution for organisations that want help matching the right level of scientific facts with their digital campaigns and for their specific KPIs.

Well... How do you do it? Behind the platform, we use a blend of AI and a global network of PhD researchers to aggregate and curate tens of millions of research articles, and retell them in a digested format (like the one you're reading now!) with links back to the evidence. 

Now, I'm intrigued. How does it look like in practice? Sure! We recently partnered with a reputable network of fertility clinics in Los Angeles with the aim of supplying high-value customers to them. We used simplified and targeted scientific content about fertility science and distributed it through social media. Our content reached 48,672 unique consumers in southern California, captured 116 potential customers at a low cost and provided our client with a 600% ROI. The clinic's CEO called Sparrho "the holy grail of marketing: targeting an educated audience with educational content”. 

How big can this model get? Our immediate focus is on digitising healthcare, however this model is scalable and replicable across various scientific sectors.  We scale into new industries by performing a ‘Science Check’ ensuring it meets our 3 criteria - do they use real science, is that specific market expanding and are there consumers who rely on scientific facts. It enables us to choose our customers and markets with confidence.  

Are you raising funds? Yes, we are looking at raising £1.5M to transform our company into a trusted thought-leader and authoritative source in Factual Media. 

How will you utilise these funds? We need to expand our stellar team through product & technology hires combined with a growing commercial team and investing in improving the infrastructure to support them. As part of this transformational journey, we will be investing in our brand to be recognised as a global source of trust (e.g. "Stamp of Truth"), enabling us to empower businesses and consumers with factual science.

Curated by

Dr Vivian Chan

Sparrho co-founder and CEO, former VC investor with a Structural Biology PhD from The University of Cambridge. She currently sits on the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s Digital Economy Advisory Group. Named by The Guardian as one of the 10 People Under 35 Changing the World in 2019 and in MIT Technology Review's ’35 Innovators Under 35’ in 2017. Passionate about changing the world through science, a pianist, and keen Jazz swing dancer.

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