11th Jun 2019

Boost fertility by busting stress

11th Jun 2019

Curated by Endre Szvetnik

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A recent study says stress can lower female fertility, but researchers have found simple ways for women to combat it.

In 10 seconds? A study of 4,769 North American couples has shown that women with higher perceived stress had lower fertility. This may seem like a disaster, but science has found a few tricks to help you reduce stress. (Read the science)

Well, I knew that already! So, you might have heard that stress lowers female fertility, and you might think that's obvious. But let us unpack the science behind this phenomenon and show how you can relieve stress on your own, and as a couple. (Read the fertility study)

Okay then, let's hear it. Starting with yourself, a recent study involving Hokkaido University students found that the body's hormone responses are less able to cope with stressful events in the evening. So, if you're prone to procrastination, try not to postpone more difficult conversations and tasks to the evenings and get them done and dusted before lunch. (See the data)

Well, I do procrastinate a little... You do? Save some time for cleaning up, then. Researchers have recently shown that procrastinators are more likely to leave clutter at home, which leads to more negative emotions as they get older. An earlier study found that working wives in L.A. who perceived their homes as cluttered were more stressed by the end of each day than those who kept things organised. (Learn more)

Why me? I'm not the only one at home! Well, sharing is caring... except when it comes to negative emotions. Science shows that you should be extra careful with taking bad moods home. When observing 30 married couples, researchers saw that positive moods were not shared between spouses, but stress hormone levels were. Moreover, shared stress can even last for several days. (See more about stress)

Oh, great. Any good news? Well, of course! A relationship is not all smiles, but there are surprising benefits according to science. In a study of 96 women, researchers found that stress levels reduced in women smelling their partner's scent. So don't be embarrassed if you're always borrowing their clothes or want a cuddle. (Read more)

Need to convince your company to take stress alleviation seriously?

Mindfulness is a non-religious, systematic process to enhance awareness of your own thoughts, moment by moment, and its practice has been reported to alleviate stress, pain and even psychiatric disorders.

Recently, researchers analysed the data from 23 studies that investigated the benefits of mindfulness training delivered in the workplace.

Their results showed that the training led to significant improvements in mindfulness, helped reduce stress, anxiety, psychological distress, while improving sleep and the feeling of well-being. So let's get meditating!

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Curated by

Endre Szvetnik

Endre Szvetnik is Senior Editor at Sparrho. Endre works with Sparrho Heroes to curate, translate and disseminate scientific research to the wider public.

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