We're Hiring

Cool Team

Look up there! That's a brilliant bunch of people to work with. Sparrho's put together by people from a whole stack of backgrounds and fields - the link is that we're all excited about what we're doing. And sometimes there's cake.

Fast Moving

We're a startup, and that means we make big decisions pretty much every day. No waiting, no bureaucracy, just having good ideas and making sure they're put into practice.

Big Impact

Being a small company means that every single person is a major part of what we do. See something that you think you can improve? Brilliant - tell us about it! More than anything, we want to build the best product we can, and that means making sure that amazing people have the freedom to do what they think is best.

Still studying? Become a Sparrho Captain.

Interested in research? Want to help us connect people as well as content? Take the responsibility for bringing scientists together at your university. Get in touch with Vivian and tell her about yourself.

Looking for a job? Get in touch.

We'll be putting specific positions up very soon, but we're always looking for people who are really good at what they do. Get in touch with Greg, tell him about yourself, what your favourite drink is, why manhole covers are sometimes round and sometimes not, and the answers to any other job-application-like questions you think might be useful.