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Sparrho saves you time by aggregating, distilling, and recommending the best scientific discoveries for you. We help you find the latest scientific developments without you searching.

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When Vivian Met Steve

Steve saved people’s PhDs. He was the guy in the lab who knew what everyone was doing, what journals they needed to read, and what research they needed to know about. He was the one who said “Hey guys, have you seen this yet?” - he didn’t just search for the things people were looking for, he found the things they didn’t even know were out there. Most labs don’t have a Steve, so when the cloning program failed, we started building Sparrho instead.

Vivian is attacked by science

Sparrho's secret article-scope

Infinite Monkeys

Our tech ninjas are hard at work to ensure our ever-growing list of sources are sliced and trimmed to your perfection. We understand that you are unique, so we personalise our recommendations to your scientific interests. We see what people like you are interested in and knit these interests together to make them exponentially more powerful. Don’t worry - we will always use aggregated, anomymised data so your information is safe with us - we take privacy very seriously!

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"I've found articles that I did not know existed (despite the fact I check ArXiv first thing every day)"

- Dr Thomas Haworth, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, UK

"Sparrho allows me to find a lot of very interesting articles not indexed by scientific search engines"

- Dr Lionel Vercheval, Biochemistry, University of Liège, Belgium

"Just discovered this tool. Sparrho is fantastic. It's quick and easy to set up; a criteria for busy scientists, especially the ones resistant to the barrage of information tools. Right away I saw an article pertinent to our research that I missed. The actionables for each article are perfect- and only a couple clicks to get to the actual piece. Even the colour scheme is easy on the eyes. I experiment with a lot of research, social, indexing, you-name-it tools, but I think I will be sticking with this one."

- Robin Grunwald, The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, Florida USA